For those who are reaching their college graduation, there will be the big step of finding a job in the “real world”. While you will have the specific skills that your education provides, you will need other skills to help set you apart from the rest. Here are eight skills that employers look for from college graduates.

Working with others is a paramount skill that employers seek out arguably more than any other non-specific skill set. This isn’t just about getting along with your fellow employees but working well with them when it counts. The more experience you have in this area, the better your chances at landing the job.

Problem-Solving Skills
The ability to analyze, figure out, and act when faced with the daily issues of the workplace is a critical skill in your employment. Employers are looking for those who have faced challenges and overcame them using their problem-solving abilities. So, you should cite previous work or activities in which you had to use such skills.

Ability to Plan, Organize and Prioritize Work
The basic ability to organize, understand, and prioritize the work that needs to be accomplished is another basic skill that applies to many different fields. You will need to know what to do, what should be done first, and how to address all the work that is presented to you so that it gets accomplished in a reasonable amount of time.

Ability to Obtain and Process Information
Getting new information and processing ranges from learning new skills to finding out more about a specific project and more. Your ability to seek out new information and process it so that it applies to the work you do is an important skill in getting more accomplished in less time.

Ability to Analyze Quantitative Data
Understanding quantitative data means knowing what the information means and how it applies to what you do. This also requires prioritizing the data so that it makes sense and can be properly measured.

Good Verbal and Written Communication Skills
In addition to being able to communicate clearly, having good computer skills is a must for many jobs. The more skills you offer to effectively communicate with others, the better.

One of the most important skills is leadership, but it is often misunderstood in terms of leading teams of people. While being a leader will be important to your career advancement, it also means having the confidence to do your job in a proactive manner while also being knowledgeable enough to know when to ask for help. Good leaders make the best decisions which means you need to know when to stop and ask before proceeding.

Of course, having direct experience in the industry is an important consideration for employers. Which is why part-time jobs and internships provide much-needed experience that can be of great benefit. However, it is not as strong as you might think, so do not rely on experience alone to get you the job.

From problem-solving skills to decision-making, teamwork, and analyzing the available information, you will need all these skills and more if you want to set yourself apart from those who are competing for the same job.