Baby Jogger City Mini GT

If perhaps you were accustomed to keeping fit and going out for a run, you may find yourself missing the freedom now that you have young children. A jogging stroller will allow you to regain that freedom and is the answer that you have been looking for you.

It is really not always possible to arrange for someone to care for your child while you head out for a run, particularly if you wish to venture out on a daily basis. The creation of the jogging stroller makes it easier to return to your fitness routine while keeping your precious bundles close.

Thankfully industry has caught onto the proven fact that many of us desire to move out and run even if we now have children. Jogging is now feasible with a single or a double jogging baby stroller and there are many to choose from. They can provide you with the freedom that you once had and now crave.

When you do decide to purchase a child stroller it’s worthwhile to do your research. Read the different models carefully before you decide to spend your money. You’ll want to ensure that you purchase the correct one for you well as your kids.

Particular Factors to Consider.

First, you will need a stroller which is lightweight, has lots of storage, and is easy to clean.

Second, protection for your child is very important. You need to choose a stroller that is sturdy and as well as stable on irregular surfaces and flat terrains. The suspension also needs to be considered if your child is to be comfortable during your run.

Third, many running strollers are designed for children of at the least six months of age. Check the usage instructions for any stroller that you purchase. It is not advised to go running with an infant younger than this because the ride is just too unstable for them.

Fourth, you may find viewing screens that allow you to view your kids without stopping quite useful. Rainfall covers and protection from sunlight are also additions which are quite desired.

Finally, there are various kinds of wheels on running strollers. If you mainly run-on grass or on country paths, then you would do well getting a stroller with larger tires. Adversely, in the event that you stick mainly to paved areas, smaller wheels will likely be the most suitable. An all-terrain stroller is probably the most ideal since this type will give you the most ease of use.

Combining all of these features, one suggestion is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. It boasts foam-filled, all-terrain wheels which give it a sporty feel. It has single front swivel wheel with suspension for your child’s comfort and a hand-operated parking brake making stopping easy. The seating area has infinite-positions and can recline to an almost flat position. The extra-large UV plus-50 canopy with a peekaboo window protects your child from the harmful sun’s rays while allowing you to keep a watchful eye. The seat is machine washable making clean-up a breeze. This is certainly a great pick. It can support children up to 65 pounds and comes in a dual stroller as well.


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  1. I bought a stroller and had trouble keeping my daughter in it. She wanted to walk with me and push the stroller herself. My exercise came from keeping her from running over other people with the stroller!

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