Do not allow the vast information available on this subject to overwhelm you. The following post has some useful tips that you can use to become an expert in cheekbone sculpting.

We know that makeup is the perfect tool for emphasizing what we feel are our best features. Once the best tricks are mastered, they can be used to add sophistication to your look. If you have decided that your cheekbones are your crowning glory, then read on for tips to create your new flawless image. High cheekbones seem to embody the very image of beauty. They are essential for creating the image of a longer, thinner face.

Products You Need for this Tutorial

Highlighters can be purchased in several formulas (powder, liquid, cream). Their purpose is to bring light to your face to emphasize and create a natural glow.

Of the many products on the market today designed specifically for contouring cheekbones, but bronzers create the most natural look.
It is vital that you choose the color carefully. The wrong shade can make your skin look dull or muddy. Our favorite bronzer works for all skin tones.

Contoured Angle Brush
Last, but not least, you will need a special contour angle brush.
This tool is used to sculpt and to shade your cheekbones properly.
We have selected a very popular brush which always delivers a professional look.

Step 1
First, select a bronzer that matches your skin tone, but is just slightly darker than the natural color of your skin. Swirl the brush in the product then “tap” the brush, several times, on a hard surface to remove any excess powder.

Look into the mirror and suck in your cheeks. Next, point your brush on the shadow area and gently sweep some of the bronzer there, and disperse it upwards in diagonal strokes toward the top of your ear. The goal of this step is to apply shadow to this area. Be sure to blend thoroughly.

Check your work by sucking in your cheeks again. If the area is too light, brush a bit more product to the shadow. If it is too dark, take some tissue and gently wipe off the extra bronzer using circular swipes.

Step 2
Next, you will apply highlighter to the most prominent lines of your cheekbones. When appropriately blended, highlighters reflect the light, emphasizing your cheekbones allowing the prominent features to emerge. If you choose to use a liquid highlighter, then squeeze a few drops onto the back of your hand and tap your finger into it. Remove any excess beforehand. If you choose a powder highlighter, use a fresh blush brush and tap into the product.

Look into the mirror and apply the highlighter above the line of the bronzer. Blend the product onto the top of your cheekbones – focusing more on the top, outer area and being sure to blend, so it looks like a soft glow.

Step 3
Finally, choose a blush in either rose, pinkish or peachy shades so that they can easily blend into the overall makeup scheme. To give your face more depth and warmth, apply the product to the apples of your cheeks. Then, use sweeping motion upward throughout and over the upper section of your cheekbones concentrating on the higher portion of your cheeks. Be sure to avoid the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Congratulations you’re done and beautiful!