Shape matters when deciding the best look for your eyes. Just take a look at your eyes in a mirror. Find a well-lit location, get as close to your mirror as possible and let’s determine the exact shape your eyes possess.

1. Ask yourself if your eyelid has a crease? Take a look at your upper lid. If this eyelid does not have a crease, then you have a what is called a “monolid” eye. If your eyelid does have a crease, you will need to try the next test.

2. Note the position of the outer corners of your eyes. Imagine that you could draw a straight, horizontal through the centers of both eyes. Alternately, you can place a coffee stirrer or thin pencil across the horizontal center of one of your eyes. Do the outer corners of your eyes lie above or below this imaginary center line. If the corners are above the line, then you have “upturned” eyes. However, if the corners fall below this line, then you have “downturned” eyes. If your eyes don’t pull either way, then continue to the next step.

How to Determine Your Eyeshape by Smashbox | Sephora

3. Ask yourself if your crease is hidden or visible? Take a very close look at the crease in your eyelid. If your crease is hidden, then you have a “hooded” eye shape. If your crease is visible, then continue to the next step.

4. Closely, examine the whites of your eyes. Pay close attention to the whites around your iris—the colored portion of the eye. If you can see any white around the top or bottom of your iris, then you have “round” shaped eyes. If you cannot see any white above or below your iris, then you have “almond” shaped eyes.

You’re done. FYI, both “round” and “almond” eyes are the basic eye shapes. Now that you know your eye shape, you can find the looks that are best for you. Cheers!