Swimming is Fun and Great Exercise

As an aerobic exercise, swimming is a great cardio workout. If you are more interested in shedding weight than in gaining muscle, swimming is also a good choice.

Swimming a small distance in your pool involves many types of moves or ‘strokes’. These movements work various muscles and are a great form o exercise. You will perform three types of strokes in this work out, you could even add your favorite one. Just don’t focus on one stroke for too long, or else you won’t get the most from the workout.

First, you should warm-up or rather loosen up slightly. This is done by swimming for 2 or so minutes at a slower speed and then alternating with a few strokes at a faster speed. Do this for 6 minutes total, prior to starting.

Begin your routine with the butterfly stroke. Do 20 quick strokes as quickly as possible before doing 10 extra strokes at a relaxed rate.

Next, move on to the “freestyle” swing. Do it for 30 shots at a quick speed followed by 10 slower strokes.

Finally, end with the breaststroke.  This might be the most challenging stroke in this routine. Again, begin with 20 quick strokes followed closely by 10 slower ones.

These three fundamental strokes form the cycle of one’s exercise and you should do 8 of these cycles during your workout. It is essential however to start slowly with a 4 cycle work-out and work up to performing an 8 cycle exercise program. Make an effort to increase your routine every time that you swim.  In this way, by the 4th workout you will be completing 8 rounds.

When you achieve these goals time of the?swimming workout you can include to the exercise power by-doing more quickly shots during each swing set. ? Your ideal objective should be to swim as fast as you can for a period of 20 minutes, decelerate once again for 10 minutes.   In the event that you follow this guideline, the eight rounds should only take four minutes.

The 20 seconds fast and 10 moments slow is called the ‘Tabata Protocol’. It takes a shorter time and it is so much more effective versus main-stream slow and steady approach to do cardio exercises (biking, swimming, etc.).

Once you’ve increased your quick shots and master your 8 rounds, you can add more cycles to your workout routine. You should not do a lot more than 5 additional cycles total to avoid over-training. Make an effort to workout for around 20 total.

Seek to complete these cycles three times a week, until you do other types of exercises including these. If you are involved in training to gain muscle mass, then you should engage in the swimming work-out once or twice per week.

Now you are ready to have some fun!