keratin hair treatment

Who wouldn’t want the hair of a movie star? With the latest technology, it is possible for everyone. It’s simple to have what you’re looking for, with keratin hair therapy. Keratin hair therapy is the most recent fad in hair straightening. Just what distinguishes this from other straightening procedures is the fact that the Brazilian keratin hair treatment can make your hair healthier and shinier. Just about any hair, previously straightened, permed, or colored, can undergo this service.

The Keratin hair therapy was created in Brazil. It is comparable to the “Japanese Yuko System” which makes use of a flat-iron to straighten hair. The therapy is designed to smooth wavy or curly hair. Because people have different hair types, the treatment doesn’t guarantee that all will have success with the process. However, this system can certainly make hair soft, silky and manageable. The hair will appear relaxed, not straightened.

How is the process performed? A stylist carefully applies a keratin hair-straightening product to your hair and then carefully seals the keratin solution in with a flat iron. The entire process takes about 90 minutes depending on the length of your hair. After the treatment, you should wait to wash your hair for three or four days. This time will allow your hair time to absorb the solution.

Keratin hair therapy is best applied in a beauty salon. So if you want the best results, choose a salon that specializes in keratin treatment applications. However, the product is available commercially and many are successful using the product at home.

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Keratin hair therapy lasts for three to four months. Follow the instructions given by your salon expert to maintain your hair afterward. If you buy a shampoo and conditioner from your local Walmart or drugstore, you have to be sure that it doesn’t contain sodium chloride. Keep this in mind to protect the procedure and keep your hair healthy and gorgeous.