Summer is here, and its time to prepare our feet for the weather. This season, we’ll see the return of many of the old trends—from the revival of the toe ring sandals to the kitten heel pumps. Color is also popular this year. Give your wardrobe a boost with the help of these 16 shoe trends that are certain to be popular this summer.

1. Printed Shoes

The shoe is the canvas. This memorable style comes in every variety from water color pastels to various metallic sheens. They can be worn to add a splash of color to neutral toned outfits, or to step up a pair of jeans.

View our selected favorites displaying this unique shoe design element.

2. Strappy Toe Ring Sandals

Great news ladies, toe ring sandals are back. This classic look has received a modern update in the form of the elevated flat leather sandal look. The new sandals feature a thicker strap over the toe, with heels varying from the very flat to very high.

We have selected some very popular shoes displaying this design feature.

3. The Platform Heel

The right platform heel can give you the look of wearing high shoes without the need to handle the incline of a conventional heel. This summer, platforms range from various types of flat, blocky pieces to the more traditional high heels.

Next on display are some truly unique platforms from the very flat to the three-tiered, architectural platforms.

4. The Spool Heel

Spool heels really stand out. They are not for the timid. They add a Victorian like fantasy flair to any outfit, but still yield to the need for comfort. If you are big on retro styles, then this heel trend is perfect for you.

Next, we present the more casual designed shoe paired with the unexpected twist of a the spool heel.

5. The Lucite Heel

See-through elements are popular because they add a fashionable flair to casual outfits. The lucite heel can be found in variations from clear to colorful and from flat to the very high.

Next, are the most fashionable selections featuring the lucite heel with various shapes and heights.

6. The High Tongue

Do you like the tongue look? Well, the feature of the high tongue has made its debut on heels. It is a combination of the retro-look with a more modern style.

View the some of our favorites in this category.

7. Kitten Heels

The kitten heel pump is still alive and meowing. These shoes are especially fresh in white when paired with a flirty summer dress. This fashion addition adds just a hint of height while holding on to the ever popular retro look.

View our varied selection of both casual and dress shoes.

8. Buckled Up

Buckles are a shoe design element that adds a retro take to a classic shoe design. They are also seen in more avant-garde styles, so they work for anyone. They can be incorporated into any wardrobe as a go-to summer shoe trend.

Our selection of shoes exhibit a more modern design with various styles buckles.

9. Mule Fantasy

From the stacked heel sandal to the closed toe pump, mules are versatile and come in many shapes and colors this season. This style can dress-up a pair of jeans or a short summer dress; the trend bends to your desire.

Next we display a selection mule shoes we feel stood out the most this season.

10. Straps, Straps, Straps

Straight-up strappy shoes are sexy. Straps are a shoe design element that can be both worn casually or used for a more upscale look.

Next, we display the some very beautiful examples of this summer 2018 footwear trend.

11. Wrap Your Ankle

A popular cousin to the strappy style, this design element has its own branch of the tree. It features straps that wrap around the ankle and climb up to the calf in the popular gladiator style.

Our favorite take on this trend uses ribbon, but we have given a variety for you view.

12. Straps on Flats

The best of both worlds. This style combines the heat of the strappy look with the comfort of your favorite flat. You can’t lose. This season offers selections from open-toe flats in various colors with closely placed straps to slip-on sandals with straps of such fabric as leather and suede.

Our favorites are shown next.

13. Some Bling in Your Step

Bling can be worn everywhere now, including your feet. Glitter and jewels made to decorate your feet is a trend that is sure to please for years to come. There were many bejeweled styles available topping a variety of colorful heels.

Here we display selections from this classically feminine design that are very tasteful and wearable for many formal occasions.

14. Shimmer and Shine

Another way to shine is with glitter. These designs shimmer and catch the light just as the jewels do, but without the expense. These shoes are great for parties and formal occasions.

Next, we display shoes with this shoe design element in a variety of styles and abundance.

15. The Metallic Look

Metallic sheen is sheik and beautiful and can be worn for many occasions. Silver, gold or rose gold accents can be found on every style from sandals, heels to boots. This is another great way to make your feet shine.

We have chosen shoes that display a subtle metallic accent in tones of silver, gold and bronze.

16. Mesh Designs

See-through elements are popular now. Making use of all types of mesh and net, this style accents fashions from casual to formal.

For our final selection, we have chosen varied styles displaying this shoe design element that can be worn in casual and formal occasions.


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