The key to weight loss, as it has been told for many years, is to reduce your calorie intake and increase your workout routine. While there is considerable truth in that statement, it is also incomplete because you must get your body to start burning fat if you want to lose the excess weight. To burn the fat, you will not only need to reduce the calories, but also to add substances to your diet that allows your body to tap the fat for energy. This means you need to consume foods and beverages that contain hormone sensitive lipase, catecholamine, and other healthy substances that help burn away the fat instead of building it up over time.

Is Fast Weight Loss Healthy?

You probably have seen and may have experienced diets that helped you to lose the weight fast, only to pack on the pounds after you went back to your normal eating routine. This is because much of the weight lost on a calorie-strict diet is often water and even muscle instead of fat. When you put your body into starvation mode, it tends to store even more fat as reserve energy.

However, if you lose the weight the right way by consuming just enough calories to get you through the day, you can burn the fat instead of just losing water or muscle tissue. The goal should be to get rid of the excess fat and not just the pounds. This means consuming the right foods, so your body will tap its fat reserves and stop storing extra fat.

Foods to Help You Burn the Fat

Here are some of the foods and substances you need to help your body tap its fat reserves, so you can lose the weight. Keep in mind that all these substances are natural and healthy when consumed in the proper amount.

Omega 3 Fish Oil: You may wonder why fatty acids like Omega 3 fish oil helps you lose weight. When consumed in the proper amounts, the oil improves the cardiovascular system and provides the “good” fats that your body can use for energy without causing them to be stored. Of course, you will need to consume Omega 3 fish oil in supplement form or as part of meals since this substance can be found in fish, like salmon.

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Green Tea: This type of tea helps to burn the fat because it works to speed up the metabolism in a positive manner. Unlike caffeinated products that cause a temporary boost followed by a crash, green tea offers energy that works for hours to help you burn away the fat. Plus, it contains many antioxidants that dampen the free radicals which cause premature aging in the body as well.

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You should look for substances like green tea that supply hormone sensitive lipase, catecholamine, and other elements that contribute to burning fat. By consuming more fat-burning substances, you can lose the excess weight even faster and worry less about gaining it back because it can be a part of your diet for the rest of your life.